Monday, February 28, 2011

Track Changes

I have learned that Open Office has something kind of sort of like track changes. They just don't work as well and any notes you print off to the side are just printed on the next page and you can't tell where they belong. It's pretty ridiculous. Still, it's a start. Now, to talk about something actually interesting... Today I learned how to make hearts and penguins appear on Facebook chat. It's pretty amazing. I am officially very proud of myself. Oh, and thank you to the friend who taught me how... I love you! I love you all!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today I could tell another Sunday School story... Yeah, another one of those took place... But something better happened today, two something betters in fact. First of all, I had a meeting to go to at 6:30 today. My dad and brother were headed out Visiting Teaching at 6 so I ended up at the church early, really early. To my surprise I was not the only one there. It was the other wards New Beginnings. Seeing how I had nothing better to do, and two of my best friends were there, and they had cute cupcakes, I stuck around for it. It was AMAZING. Full of spiritual messages, a great talk by one of my friends, and even harp music! And of course the cupcakes were delicious. Well after that and then my meeting it was time to head home. My dad and brother picked me up and on the way home informed me that on the way they were going to stop to shovel someone's driveway. At first I was annoyed. I have homework to do in the morning and wanted to get to bed early; but as I watched them shovel I realised how self centred I was being. I can't help but think how much more a shovel driveway will mean to that family compared to 20 minutes more of sleep for me. They really taught me a lesson today, one I needed to learn. I love my family.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Aiden may be just about the most ANNOYING teenage boy in the WORLD!!! He does absolutely everything in his power to drive us all insane; and yet... Today when we were outside together and I was about to head in he actually started to have a descent conversation with me. Mostly because he didn't want to have to chop wood by himself; but it showed me that my amazing younger brother is still there. The one that people would mistake for my twin. He may go insane some days, and drive all of us insane too, but I still love him with all my heart.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Destiny is a strange and mysterious thing. You cannot escape it, yet you have within you the ability to shape it into whatever you wish to make of it. I do not believe in Love at First Sight; but destiny I do believe in. I believe that some day I will find the right person; and then I will finally feel love. Until then what can I do but wait and sigh over cute actors? Speaking of which, I love Alex and Logan!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday we learned a simple and very cool way to balance complex chemical equations. I LOVED it, I got the homework done in half the time most people did. Today she taught us a very mean and complex way, to do the same exact thing. The worst part was when she split us into groups to do the example problems, she gave our group a problem that was written incorrectly. No matter how hard we tried it was impossible to get the right answer! Talk about a pain...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Girl Scouts

I once thought that all girl scouts were pretty cute. I now think that there are several that are just too cute. As in, they think they are adorable and so they won't leave you alone for even a second. Fortunately I did not get stuck with this kind of girl scout, someone else did; but boy was it funny, for the first ten seconds.

"Do you listen to Hannah Montana? I own the Hannah Montana Movie. I like Hannah Montana. What kind of music do you listen to? Do you own Selina Gomez? I like Selina Gomez. We should do the dance with the song now. So what if it's too fast, I'll just sing along. AGAIN!! AGAIN!! AGAIN!!! I'm a High Schooler too, just a short one. Is that your best friend? Can I be your best friend? I like you. You have to go now, awww... Bye, bye, bye, can I have one more hug? Bye, bye, bye, see you later, bye... ect."
It was interesting to watch... I do love girl scout cookies; just maybe not ALL girl scouts.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Am Number 4

Saw it, loved it, however, I wouldn't buy it... There were those two creapy scenes... But Alex Pettifer is just SO COOL!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday School

Sunday School gets to be pretty interesting when there's a guy sitting all the way across the room who won't stop staring at you. Especially when every time you look up and catch him staring he doesn't even bother to look away. Oh, and when you start to mark a scripture he pulls out his markers and does the same. Yep, gotta love Sunday School.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I just drove home from Spokane in the dark. It started out quite nice. Everyone was being quiet, good music, almost no one else on the road, and I LOVE going fast. About half-way home it started to snow lightly. Annoying, but no big problem right. Then some patches of fog started to show up, and became pretty steady fog, and the snow got heavier, and pretty soon I was NOT VERY HAPPY. It's no fun driving in weather like that. Then a car shows up behind me and decides to pass because I'm going 55 in a 60MPH zone. Pardon me for not wanting to die. Anyway, we were in a two lane stretch so while they were passing a car goes past us too and with all of that, and the fog, and the snow, I kind of freaked out for a moment. I got REALLY close to the concrete side thing and freaked out my mom too. We both must have jumped a foot. Well, after that vehicle passed the road dropped down, the fog faded away, and the snow got lighter again. We all survived; but boy am I tired.

Friday, February 18, 2011


We have started building the closets into our bedrooms! When they're done we'll have four mirrors in each bedroom. Oh, I just love mirrors!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The most AMAZING BBC Series EVER. Well, maybe not ever, but it's so CUTE! With a dorky kid you can't help but love. The cute jock who is becoming more mature each day; and Gwen is just about the sweetest thing ever! Oh, and that's not even mentioning the time when Lancelot showed up... I LOVE IT!!!!

Trig. Study Day

Today in Trig it was a (study day). Typically this means we get to do what we like. I was going to go up to the library and get to work on the English Report that has kept me up so late. Well, Walker says we're doing something small and quick on the board and then I can go up. Okay. An hour later he announces that the proof we have been working on all class period cannot be solved algebraically. We have all been wasting our time, my head hurts, and I got no work done on English. Just one of those class periods... Sigh... I still love life!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Anyone who knows me knows that I can fast walk. It's as natural to me as eating or sleeping. Considering this it shouldn't come as a shock that for the presentation we watched during Chemistry I was the first one in the auditorium. Being the good little student that I am I sat in the middle section, just one seat away from the aisle, three rows back. The second person in the room did surprise me, as did the fact that they sat next to me... Even stranger, they sat next to the aisle so that there was no chance of anyone else sitting next to them. It made me start to wonder, why? I'm not going to say who it was, you'd all just laugh at me and say they were just being nice; and it's late and I'm probably making something out of nothing; but still. Why would they sit next to me? Wouldn't I love to know...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

It's late, and I'm tired; so I have decided to just give all of you a kind of valentine. This is going to be pretty amazing:
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Honey is Sweet
And so are You
Never heard that one before... Goodnight!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Laurel Lesson

Last night I was ready for bed, about to climb in, it's 1:00; and I realized that I was in charge of the Laurel Lesson today. I moaned, groaned, dragged myself over to my desk, and started to prepare. The lesson went well and everything; but last night it was all I could do to keep my eyes open as I prepared. Still, I love the fact that I don't have to do it again for 4 months!


So today was insane, seriously. I headed into town for Junior Miss at 6:45. That involved showing off my outfits, playing my piano piece, more push-ups, and a mock interview that was surprisingly easy. Then I helped set up for the dance. Next came the fashion show at the mall. After that I kind of just had to stick around until my brother's game was over so I could get home.
As soon as I was home I was ready for a nap. Erin had a friend over so my mom said I could go to sleep in her bed. 3:45 I lay down, 5:45 something wakes me up. My head is turned to the left so I'm kind of just laying there until suddenly someone whispers in my ear! I turn my head and find out that my mom's face is only about 6 inches away. I just about jumped a foot into the air!
Then it was off to the dance to help with the last minute prep. The dance itself was great! It took about an hour to get things really going; but it was lots of fun!
To finish off the night Tristan, Kelsey, Darrel, and I headed over to Kelsey's for a movie. We ended up watching 'Laputa: Castle in the Sky'. I've seen that movie like 5 times but I love it! The movie ended about 12:30 and then Kelsey brought me home. I suppose that technically it's Sunday now; but this counts as my Saturday post. What a crazy day! Yet still, I loved it!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I am tired. Last night I didn't get enough sleep. The night before I didn't get enough sleep. The night before that I... You get the picture. Oh, and to top it all off tomorrow I don't even get to sleep in because of Junior Miss and then a million other things all taking place on the same day. On the up side, I love my friends!!!! And yes, I still do love Junior Miss... and shopping... and chocolate... I'm tired.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cornell Notes

Also know as "Death By Procrastination". I hate the fact that I've gotten myself into this pickle; but that's just life for you. I do NOT love cornell notes... That's all I can think to say at the moment.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mentor Meeting

Today I had my first mentor meeting. I would like to say here and now that my mentor is AMAZING!!! He knows everything there is to know about editing, both he and his wife were editors, and he's willing to meet with me once a week!!! I am SO HAPPY!!!! I love ELIs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have a Kiss From Junior Miss

It was quite fun to stand in Baskin Robbins and hand out chocolate. All of us girls just kind of standing there did get a few queer looks though... In any case there was lots of laughter, jokes, and of course ICE CREAM!!! Though now I'm starting to really want one of those smoothes of theirs. Those things are GOOD! The only annoying thing was coming home and Aiden saying "So, kiss anyone tonight?" And then he flicked me on the cheek. The curse of younger brothers who are determined to get on your nerves. I think he's still annoyed about me getting my ears pierced. Honestly I think the only thing he and my dad really agree about is that I shouldn't have done it! Brothers...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pierced Ears!!!

I did it! My ears are now pierced! I can't let any of my siblings know, 'cause they'd all freak out and Erin would get upset; but it looks so cool! The best part was that I didn't feel a thing, seriously. It hurts more when you go to the dentist and he gives you the stuff to numb your mouth. In any case, I love pierced ears!

Goodness, in like the two minutes that I was typing this Aiden found out! Snap, he'd better not tell Erin!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


We got my dad Blokus for his B-day. More of a family present really. Well on that day we all played, and I won. Oh yeah. When we got home the others played some more; but I had Cornell Notes so I was done. So today my mom got out the game and I played for my second game. I must just be a natural at this game because I am the first person in my family to play all of my pieces! I love Blokus!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Shopping

So Junior Miss is fun and all; but my mom is seriously going all out. Friday we got my outfit for the opening dance, which I did really need jeans but the shirt wasn't exactly a necessity. Then today I tell her that by next Saturday I need all my other outfits to be together. Not to big of a deal right? We have my dresses and suit. Necklaces weren't vital, so I was just missing one blouse. Well let me just say that Saturday Shopping with her is intense. I might have come away with a few more things than I needed; but I love every one. My mom is so COOL!

Friday, February 4, 2011


You know those times when you say something that makes your friends kind of mad, but not really. That fake kind of mad when they put on a frowning face but you both know it's fake. Well I said on of those things today; but instead of putting on a frowning face (because we were texting not talking) she played a little joke on me. She said she'd asked a boy out for me. That alone was enough to give me a heart attack. After the initial shock I realised that this just might be okay, I wouldn't have to ask him myself. Then she told me it was a joke. Then came back the nervous realisation that I would have to ask him myself after all. Was I annoyed for half a second, yes. Did I laugh before that second was over, you bet I did. What are friends for but to tease each other. And I must admit it was a very convincing joke! I love friends.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is true, tomorrow I am ditching. I always think of it as sick of school; but my dad made if clear to me that this is plain old ditching. So today when I got home I walk up to my mom and ask if I can skip school tomorrow. Her response, sure. I then ask if there's any chance we could stop at the mall for a few things and suggest some other errands and we start planing what our days schedule will be. That's the way my mom is about me deciding not to go to school. My dad was a bit different. He want to know WHY I'm ditching. My mom didn't even ask earlier. The honest answer, I need a break. I'm sure lots of other people do too; but I think I've almost hit my snapping point this week. My dad then goes on to explain that though he never condoned my skipping school to do homework, he didn't speak against it; but he cannot stand the though of me just skipping because I don't feel like it. He compared school to the job I will have someday, when I won't be able to just say that I'm tired. In my mentality that's one of the reasons I'm skipping; because when I grow up I won't be able to! He still doesn't see it that way. The funny thing is, my mom tried to talk him out of giving me the lecture. He had to do it when she was laying my little brother down. She's worried I'll have a break down like I did the end of last year. I can see why she's worried. My dad has no such qualms. He even went so far as to pull the guilt trip "It's your decision and I hope that you make the right one..." Sorry dad, that might work for little things like helping out my siblings; but school. I don't think so. In any case, I'll miss all of you tomorrow! Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last night I had a dream. Shocking right! Okay, so it's not so shocking; but this dream was cool; or at least the end of it was, I don't remember anything else. And just for the record this was totally brought on by that Dream Comic. So in my dream I was standing next to this REALLY CUTE BOY. Or, at least I think he was cute, I can't exactly remember what he looked like. Well in my dream he was just about to kiss me when my alarm clock went off. My alarm clock happens to be my phone set at full volume that I placed all the way across the room. So I roll out of bed, RUN to grab my phone before my entire family wakes up, and jump back into bed. By some miracle I managed to hold onto the cute boy in the dream; but he was just smiling at me and we were talking when my OTHER alarm clock goes off. This one is right next to my bed so I just cracked my eyes open and whacked the off button. Back to the cute boy. We were laughing about something hilarious he said, when my alarm clock goes off AGAIN. This morning of all mornings my aim had been slightly off and I had only pressed the snooze. This time I was careful to press the OFF BUTTON and went back to the dream. So dream boy and I are still talking and I find out that his name's Samuel. Or, well, I knew that earlier in the dream but I only remember it because that's what I called him during this part. I'm majorly disappointed that our kiss got all messed up and so I apologize for all of the interruptions. And then he said the sweetest thing! It was something like "I don't mind all of the interruptions so long as it means that I get to spend time with you." I was about to say something back when my Mom pokes her head in the bedroom to make sure I'm awake. By this time it's 6:00 and I have to get up. In any case Samuel was gone and now all I can remember is his name and that he was cute. Please come back tonight, please! I love dreams.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Great Day

Today started out as one of those days that seem to be every bad thing there is. Well, perhaps not every bad thing; but that math test had me nervous. I hadn't done hardly any homework in the chapter and the graphing seemed so confusing. Well I think I got almost 100%, and I know I got the bonus right! Then Chemistry went so very well. Zach is a surprisingly good lab partner. Then to make my day even better half of the kids on the bus were acting up and so the bus driver skipped all their stops making me get home 10 minutes early; and to top it all off as soon as I got home my mom and little brother headed off to Aiden's Basketball game leaving me the laptop and Erin the TV! From a horrible day to a GREAT ONE! I love good days!