Saturday, February 4, 2012


Don't worry, I'm talking about prescription drugs here. I had my wisdom teeth out last Thursday and it was... interesting. It all went smoothly and I'm back to eating normal food now and all that good stuff... But I learned a little something about myself. They put me under for the operation. I don't remember much about the rest of that day. The interesting thing happened Friday. They'd given me the two painkillers to use as I needed them. One was a fairly typical and mild one that I was supposed to take every six hours. the other one was a rather serious drug, that one I took every four hours. Friday morning came around, and I took both my pills... Then things started getting interesting. The pills... turned me into a 12 year old. I was a rather strange child, and that all come back. I wandered around the house singing lullabies and other songs to myself. I sat down with our dog and explained to him exactly why having a garden was practical. I started asking my mom her favorite Disney Princesses... The list could just go on and on. In the end I took a nap and slept it off. The only time I used that pill again was Sunday night when I was in SERIOUS pain. So, I've decided that I don't like what drugs do to me. Yeah, drugs aren't good, even prescribed ones :P

Monday, August 1, 2011


So, I wrote this post Monday... but my grandma's computer wouldn't let me press the publish button for some reason... so when it says today I mean Monday... yeah....

I learned today that the reason you call it fishing as opposed to catching, is because there is no guarantee that you're going to catch ANYTHING! So they just call it fishing. At least that's what my grandpa says. In any case I LOVED IT! My grandpa also says that a bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work. He couldn't have said it better. I'd rather be in the middle of the ocean than behind a school desk any day.

So, we went fishing today (just in case you hadn't realized that yet). Unfortunately my grandpa's boat is being worked on at the moment because he's getting new engines put in so we had to go on his friend Stan's boat. Stan's boat is a lot like my grandpa's. There's the main cabin, the upper deck, the back deck and the prow of the boat that you can walk along. Typically on my grandpa's boat I spend the majority of my time on the prow and the upper deck because that's where I feel... free. The upper deck is open and the wind blows by and the prow is just amazing. Unfortuantely on Stan's boat both of these areas were off limits. On the upper deck he had chords running all over so no one could go up there, and it was too windy out and the swells were too large to go on the prow (had I been on grandpa's boat I still probably wouldn't have been allowed up there).

Despite these setbacks I had an amazing time. As we were first going out the swells were so big that it felt like we were on a roller coaster. We stood, held onto the counter to keep our balance, and just went up and down and up and down. My dad and brother get seasick, but not me, never me. We dropped crab pots on our way out so that we could hopefully catch some crabs for dinner. Thanks to the windy cold weather the warm water where the salmon would be hiding was a good ways north, so we motored that way for about an hour before finally deciding to try letting down the lines. We did... and nothing bit. So we moved on and tried again... nothing. Eventually we did get one bite! I was the one who reeled it in and we got it safely in the net and on the deck... and it had a fin. That means it's wild and we have to throw it back. We were all disappointed. Well a few more hours passed and everyone was starting to get annoyed. There hadn't been another bite, we'd eaten most of the food, and everyone had slept as much as they could already (except for me, I sleep as little as possible on the boat, who would mant to miss out on ocean time!). Just when everyone was near their breaking point we got another bite. Erin tried to bring in this one, but she lost it. We couldn't go in until the tide changed. If we went in any sooner the chances of the crab pots having any crabs was really low, and we wanted SOMETHING! So we just kept on puttering around trying to tempt some fish to bite. Finally we got another bite, and then another. Two fish on at one time! Grandma took the first one but it got away. Aiden took the second one and we brought it in! Even better, it didn't have a fin, a keeper. Everyone was thrilled and we turned around to go over that spot again. After going aroudn in circles for another hour or two we finally decided to call it quits. We brought the lines back in and picked up speed, headed for the crab pots. How can I describe that ride back in... The sun was out and shining bright on the water and the blue sky made the ocean and blue as blue can be. The water had calmed and swells were rare and small. As we zoomed along I went out onto the back deck and looked over the side up towards the prow cutting through the water. As the prow sliced through the water was lifted and then fell. As it fell it trapped air so that there was this big bubble of water comming of the prow. Then it would fall and white foam came shooting up. It was breathtaking.

We got to the crab pots and found TONS! In the end we were able to keep 16 crabs, which we just finished eating now. They were delicious by the way. The rest of the way in I just looked out over the ocean. I only get to go fishing out there once a year, but that once a year is one of the best days of the year for me. I can still feel the boat swaying beneath me. Well, lets just say that I love the ocean. I love everything about it... So maybe not those stormes that create tsunamis that kill pople and destroy their homes... but everything else! Today has been great. :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So it's summer! Well, it has been for a while I suppose, I just haven't been so good about getting on this blog... like I haven't been on here since school go out... at all... I feel kinda bad about that. Well I'm on here now! So since I haven't been on here all summer, let's do a review of what it's been like for me. School got out and I sat around home, did chores, the basic summer things. Then there was Youth Conference (TONS OF FUN). After that it looked like I'd be sitting around doing nothing for three weeks as I waited for Girls Camp to come around, didn't turn out that way. Last minute I got to go on this AMAZING trip to Utah along with one of my favorite people to see another one of my favorite people... It was a pretty great trip! Then I had a week of downtime before Girls Camp (as always that was wonderful... well I suppose there was that one girl talking my ear off and driving me crazy... but other than that it was perfect). After Girls Camp was a week of downtime until we've reached now! Tomorrow I leave for a trip to the Oregon Coast. I get to go fishing on the ocean with my Grandpa and enjoy spending time in that beach house he bought. Oh, and I get to meet this guy my aunt is going to marry and his sons... I would be more excited about that but after a certain Second Cousin I met, well seeing their pictures was a bit of a letdown. Oh well! In any case it's going to be fun... I hope... you can never really tell ahead of time with these kinds of trips in question. I think that's the gist of my summer so far. I hope all goes well!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well, yesterday was my ELI presentation; and it went off without a hitch! ELI is pretty much finished for the year now... goodness I'm going to miss that. I won't miss school of course; but meeting with Ivar was just so much fun! There is however good news. In my ELI presentation I just might have mentioned my need for WORD and along with that comes a laptop of my own... yeah... my parents noticed. We now have a deal of sorts. I show some real dedication to this editing thing (aka I look into what Publishing Houses are around BYU and BYUI as well as any that might be around Moscow and also check in with the people involved in the creative writing class at the university) and I get my laptop and word for my B-Day! Needless to say I am SO EXCITED! I wanted to look into editing connections anyway and I NEED a laptop! I hope everything works out!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Another one of those powerful four letter words I suppose. In any case life, right. Now is one of those times when I feel, out of it... I've had a great day (a party and then even more time with some friends); but I fell like I'm just floating through my days. Or rather, when something is happening I'm there but as soon as I'm by myself I can't do anything. I'm forced to... think. Horrible right? Me, thinking, no way! Hahah, okay laugh all you want. My point is that I keep on thinking about the impossible, about those dreams that everyone has of the perfect life that will never come true. Earlier today a friend and I were joking about how I was going to live in a mansion by a horse ranch (giant library included in that mansion) and she was going to have a cottage by the seaside. Then whenever we needed a change we'd just go visit the other person. Think about how impossible that actually is though. I feel as though I have no control over the future, or even the present sometimes. As for the past... there are so many things I wish I could change. I suppose all I can do is stand up and take charge of my life; but I'm having the hardest time making myself do that. It's so easy to just sit back and watch as life slips by... too easy...