Thursday, July 28, 2011


So it's summer! Well, it has been for a while I suppose, I just haven't been so good about getting on this blog... like I haven't been on here since school go out... at all... I feel kinda bad about that. Well I'm on here now! So since I haven't been on here all summer, let's do a review of what it's been like for me. School got out and I sat around home, did chores, the basic summer things. Then there was Youth Conference (TONS OF FUN). After that it looked like I'd be sitting around doing nothing for three weeks as I waited for Girls Camp to come around, didn't turn out that way. Last minute I got to go on this AMAZING trip to Utah along with one of my favorite people to see another one of my favorite people... It was a pretty great trip! Then I had a week of downtime before Girls Camp (as always that was wonderful... well I suppose there was that one girl talking my ear off and driving me crazy... but other than that it was perfect). After Girls Camp was a week of downtime until we've reached now! Tomorrow I leave for a trip to the Oregon Coast. I get to go fishing on the ocean with my Grandpa and enjoy spending time in that beach house he bought. Oh, and I get to meet this guy my aunt is going to marry and his sons... I would be more excited about that but after a certain Second Cousin I met, well seeing their pictures was a bit of a letdown. Oh well! In any case it's going to be fun... I hope... you can never really tell ahead of time with these kinds of trips in question. I think that's the gist of my summer so far. I hope all goes well!

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