Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well, yesterday was my ELI presentation; and it went off without a hitch! ELI is pretty much finished for the year now... goodness I'm going to miss that. I won't miss school of course; but meeting with Ivar was just so much fun! There is however good news. In my ELI presentation I just might have mentioned my need for WORD and along with that comes a laptop of my own... yeah... my parents noticed. We now have a deal of sorts. I show some real dedication to this editing thing (aka I look into what Publishing Houses are around BYU and BYUI as well as any that might be around Moscow and also check in with the people involved in the creative writing class at the university) and I get my laptop and word for my B-Day! Needless to say I am SO EXCITED! I wanted to look into editing connections anyway and I NEED a laptop! I hope everything works out!

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